Axial Piston Pump

Order Number: S-2B11-074L
Our hydraulic axial piston pump of type SVP is based on a swash plate design and is made for open circuit.
The oil flow is proportional to speed and displacement which can be adjusted continously.
Special features:
- for open circuit
- for mobile application
- mounting flanges according to SAE
- short response time
- long lifetime
- low noise level
Energy source: Hydraulic
Energy source: Hydraulic
Displacement flow: 74 ccm³
Displacement flow: 74 ccm³
Direction of rotation: left
Direction of rotation: left
Control type: DR-pressure control
Control type: DR-pressure control
Shaft type: Spline shaft
Shaft type: Spline shaft
Sealing material: Viton
Sealing material: Viton

Technical Data

ORDER NO. S-2B11-074L
Operating pressure 280 bar
Max. pressure 350 bar
Displacement flow 74.0 ccm
Direction of rotation left
Max. speed at Vg max., at 1 bar absolute pressure at suction port (n0 max.) 2,200 rpm
Max. speed at Vg max., at 1.5 bar absolute pressure at suction port (n0 max.) 2,600 rpm
Max. volume flow at n0 max. 162 l/min
Max. power (at delta p=280bar) at n0 max. 76,0 kW
Max. power (at delta p=280bar) at 1,500 rpm 52.0 kW
Min. inlet pressure (absolut) 0.85 bar
Max. inlet pressure (absolut) 5 bar
Max. drain line pressure (absolut) 2 bar
Operating temperature -10 up to +90 °C
Operating viscosity 16 up to 32 mm²/s
Viscosity limits, short-time 10 up to 1,000 mm²/s
Contamination class 18/15 according to ISO/DIS 4406; 9 NAS 1638
Shaft type SAE 1 1/4"
Mounting thread -at side position- UNC
Control type DR-pressure control
Sealing material Viton
Weight (without oil filling) 34.0 kg