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SPITZNAS product range 2020

The SPITZNAS Maschinenfabrik Gmbh product rage includes basically three subjects:

1) Hand operated tools (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) and drives (pneumatic, hydraulic)
2) Hydraulic spare parts and components
3) Repairs (pneumatic, hydraulic) 

These consist of:

1) Hand operated tools (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric) and drives (pneumatic, hydraulic)

1.1) Hand operated tools

These tools are divided in the following sub- categories:

1.1.1) Grinders (straight grinders, angle- and vertical grinders)
1.1.2) Drills and drive units (drills, drives, corner drills, hammer drills, rotary hammer drills, core drill units, magnetic core drill units)
1.1.3) Pipe cleaning motors
1.1.4) Saws (bandsaws, reciprocating saws, sabre saws, chain saws, pipe cutting machines)
1.1.5) Impact wrenches
1.1.6) Torque wrenches
1.1.7) Riveting and chipping hammers  (sand rammers, counter brackets, concrete breakers, needle scalers)          
1.1.8) Mixers
1.1.9) Pallet expanders
1.1.10) Axial fans

1.2) Drives

The drives are divided in the following sub- categories:

1.2.1) Pneumatic motors (0,2-10 kW, optional with brake and control)
1.2.2. Air starters
1.2.3) Hydraulic axial piston pumps
1.2.4) Hydraulic radial piston motors 


2) Hydraulic spare parts and components

2.1) Hydraulic spare parts

Since 1994 SPITZNAS has been manufactring hydraulic spare parts for axial piston pumps and motors.
Basically the spare parts include the wear parts of the power unit, e. g. pistons, barrels, control plates, etc., mainly for the manufacturer BOSCH- REXROTH (earlier Hydromatik- Brueninghaus).

Among others, the following series are contained:

2.1.1) A2F, A2V(K), A3V, A6V, A7V, A8V from the series 2-5
2.1.2) A4V from series 1.0 and 2.0
2.1.3) A2FM of series 6.1
2.1.4) A6VM, A7VO from series 6.0 and 6.3
2.1.5) A4VG from  series 3.2
2.1.6) A10VO from series 3.1


2.2) Components:

2.2.1) Hydraulic axial piston pumps type SVP
2.2.2) Radial piston motors Type SFM
2.2.3) Plastic injection axial piston pumps Type KDP
2.2.4) Hydrostatic compact drives series E


3) Repairs (pneumatic, hydraulic)

3.1) Repair of pneumatic tools and parts
3.1.1) SPITZNAS pneumatic tools
3.1.2) Pneumatic tools (selected external brands)
3.1.3) SPITZNAS pneumatic vane motors
3.2) Hydraulic repairs
3.2.1) SPITZNAS hydraulic tools
3.2.2) SPITZNAS hydraulic axial piston pumps type SVP
3.2.3) SPITZNAS hydraulic radial piston motors type SFM
3.2.4) SPITZNAS hydrostatic compact drives series D and E
3.2.5) SPITZNAS plastic injection pumps type KDP
3.2.6) Axial and radial piston pumps (of external brands: Bosch- Rexroth, Linde, Sauer-Danfoss, Parker, …) 
3.2.7) Axial- and radial piston motors (of external brands: Bosch- Rexroth, Linde, Sauer-Danfoss, Parker, Poclain, …) 
3.2.8) Vane pumps and motors (Parker, Denison, Volvo, Eaton,…)
3.2.9) Hydraulic cylinders

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Specific solutions for our customers

At the company foundation in 1904, Mr. Ferdinand Spitznas layed the foundation for our corporate spirit.

We believe our task is giving our customers specific advice and recommending exactly the proper tool.

"In close co- operation with our contractors, we translate individual needs into optimal developments and solutions. Specially made tools ensure efficient use."

This does not only enrich the everyday work of our customers, but it completes our long experience again and ag

Underwater Tools

Through the launch of the underwater tools in 2005, new applications and a totally new working environment opened up.

Decades before, when the first pneumatic chain saw was used under water, nobody had an idea of the potential of this field of activity.

In co-operation with professional divers, we continued developing the first machines and tested them successfully on site.

The positive results layed the foundations for the preparation of a special product line for underwater applications.

The fields of application comprise disassembly and assembly work, as well as repairs in wastewater treatment plants, hydropower stations, dams, swimming pools, preserve areas, harbours, shipping companies, offshore and many other sectors.

The underwater tools are made with pneumatic or hydraulic drive. We also offer appropriate accessories for all units.
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Company history

SPITZNAS - always a hair's breadth ahead

Being founded as supplier for the mining industry in 1904 by Ferdinand Spitznas, our company grew fast and came to be a medium- sized company with international focus.
Through constant progress of our products, the release of new product lines and continuous growth of our high quality standards, our company name became a trade mark.
With many of our customers we look back to decades of co- operation, which is characterized by flexible and custom- made solutions.

1904  Company foundation by Ferdinand Spitznas - Machines and equipment for the mining industry

1909 "New Technology" attributable to the invention of the pneumatic vane motor by Ferdinand Spitznas

1924  Further development of the pneumatic vane motor as drive for tools

1924  Opening- up of new fields of application by explosion- proof and robust tools for the German mining industry

1957  Enlargement of the product range by custom- made designs

1962  New SPITZNAS company building in Velbert- Langenberg with premises of 5.000 m²

1994  Making of hydraulic spare parts for own repairs

1994  Installation of the first hydraulic test stand with capacity of 90 kw

1997  Research and development centre for hydraulic drives

1998  Extension of the testing facilities with the new hydraulic test stand with 600 kW.

2000  Market launch of hydraulic axial piston pumps and takeover of the hydrostatic compact drives of the company                        EATON (Vickers, Hydrokraft, earlier Boehringer Sturmgetriebe).

2000 Integration of the EATON hydraulic test stands

2000 Extension of product range and establishing as compressed air system supplier

2002 Market launch of the hydraulic radial piston motors and establishing as hydraulic system supplier.

2003 Release of the plastic dosing axial piston pump type KDP 12ccm

2003 Continuous extention of the product range by including tools with ATEX approval.

2004  New hydraulic test stand for radial piston motors

2005  Market launch of underwater tools

2007  Market launch  of pneumatic and electric fans with ATEX approval

2008  Development and release of the pneumatic torque wrench family

2011  Market launch of the pneumatic metal circular saw and pneumatic chain saw with optimized weight and according                  to the latest safety guideline.

2012  Market launch of the pneumatic mobile fans for ATEX zone equipment group I (underground mining) and the                            1" hydraulic impact wrench 6 1520 0010.

2013  Market launch of the impact wrenches for HFA-emulsions as well as hydraulic oil type 6 1516 0010 (square drive 3/4")              and type 6 1517 0010 (square drive 1").

2013  Market launch of the reversible hydraulic drill with MT3 drill chuck type 2 3060 0010.

2013  Market launch of the hydraulic vertical grinder with lever throttle type 1 2060 0010 as well as for underwater use.

2014  Market launch of the pneumatic metal circular saw type 5 1117 0010.

2014  Market launch of the pneumatic drive unit type 5 8010 0050 of the pipe cutting machine for cutting steel and                            stainless steel pipes.

2015  Extended product range for plastic dosing pumps.

2016  Market launch of the hydraulic magnetic core drill type 2 1345 0010.

2016  Market launch of the hydraulic chain saw type 5 1030 0010 with chain brake.

2018  Market launch of the band saw with clamp type 5 6093 0010.



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