Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors

Hydraulic radial piston motors type SFM-series 1 to 2  from 12 up to 255 cm³. The hydraulic radial piston motors of SPITZNAS are based on the principle of external pressured motors with revolving control valve and are used in stationary and mobile applications. The radial piston motors are ATEX certified for equipment group I,category M2.

High accuracy control system
The control cross section is opened and closed within an angle of 180°. The control cross section is precisely defined by the rotation angle of the shaft. High spots of compression and decompression are dramatically reduced.

Long life expectance
The long life expectance is optimized by minimum and constant internal wear. The  translatoric control (same speed at all points of control disk surface) secures absolute flat contact surfaces for the complete life expectance of the motor.

Self cleaning effect
Particles are not suck into the contact surface of the control system, these are wiped out by the sealing edges.

Thermal shock resistant
Automatically  balance of pressure and temperature influences. The appropriate sealing gap for each pressure range is produced by slight spring support of the hydrostatic preload of the control thrust piece.

High uniformity
Maximum uniformity based on optimum control adjustments up to 97,5%.

High efficiency
Volumetric efficiency up to 99% and a mechanical efficiency up to 95%.

High quality spare parts
High quality preloaded roller bearings  in X-setup allow high axial and radial forces on the shaft of the motor. 

Hydrostatic balance
Hydrostatic piston balance at series 1 and 2.

Pressure liquid mediums
The motors can be modified for HF-Emulsions.

Version incl. measuring shaft, rev. transmitter, modular control valve blocks, brakes, gear boxes and more.