Hydrostatic Compact Drives  

The hydrostatic compact drive is an infinitely variable drive with hydraulic power transmission.

Due to the special construction, the maximum torque is available as early as at the first revolution and the break away torque is even 20% higher than the operation torque.

The pump and motor unit, as well as the customized control are positioned in a specially designed housing. This combination allows easy change of the output direction at the drive at anytime.

The hydraulic tank, which is integrated in the housing included an air/oil cooler, ensures safe continuous operation and low- maintenance of the compact drive.

The inventor, Erwin Sturm, developed the first compact drive in the 1920s.

It was manufactured as Boehringer- Sturm- Oil- Drive. Before the year 2000, the drives were produced under the names Oerlikon- Bührle, Hydrokraft and Eaton Vickers in Göppingen, Germany.

Since 2000 Spitznas Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Velbert has taken over the production and repair of the compact drives.

We produce the current „E“- series and we repair the predecessor „D“-series. Spare part sales and field service belong to our scope of services as well.

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