pneumatic motors (modular system)

The modular range of pneumatic motors offers a capacity variety from 0.1 to 10.0 kW.
Pneumatic motors, planetary gears, as well as brakes and controls can be combined variably. Thus, SPITZNAS supplies for every application the suitable motor.
Pneumatic motors are available from 13 1/min to 4,500 1/ min (under load).
On request, the motors are supplied with flange or foot mounting, with customized shaft types (key shaft, spline shaft or screw fastenings), as well as ATEX certification of equipment group I or II.


  • robust, compact and variably usable (as well under water or in aggressive atmospheres (e.g. sea air))
  • resistant to dirt, humidity, temperature variation (encapsulated design)
  • insensitive to overload
  • internal cooling during operation due to expanding operating air
  • operation pressure 4-6 bar
  • operation with conventional compressed air, as well as with other compressed gas types (e.g. natural gas, nitrogen, …)
  • simple speed adjustment by reducing the air supply
  • spark-free running
  • long life time

Pneumatic vane motors:

  • radially or tangentially slotted rotors
  • plastic or steel vanes
  • with or without starting aid
  • flange or foot mounting
  • symmetric oder asymmetric cylinder bushings
  • with or without sound absorber

Gear types:

  • one- or multi- stage planetary gear
  • transmission from i=2 to i=350
  • with straight teeth, helical gearing or involute gear
  • straight output or with angle gear
  • foot or flange mounting
  • shaft on request or according to standard type

Disk brake:

  • closed construction type
  • opening with spring pressure due to operating air
  • activation of brake, if operating air supply is stopped
  • model with emergency opening


  • direct hand lever control without self-reset, screwed on the motor
  • direct hand lever control with integrated self-reset (Tothmann-Control), screwed on the motor
  • connecting plate for direct remote control
  • connecting plate for reverse valve for pilot- operated remote control
  • remote control with press button valve or push button valve
  • remote control with lever valve with integrated self- reset (Totmann-Control)


  • hoistings
  • winches
  • facilities
  • emergency drives
  • starters
  • tool drives


  • offshore
  • underground mining
  • chemical industry
  • foundries
  • paper industry
  • plant engineering
  • ship building industry
  • construction industry
  • power plants

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