Sump Pump

Order Number: 7 1103 0010
The pneumatic sump pump is designed for relatively clean fluids, e.g. water and cooling agents. The pump can be immerged fully into the medium to be pumped. The exhaust-air will be guided through an extra line.
Energy source: Pneumatic
Energy source: Pneumatic
Max. pumping head: 30 m
Max. pumping head: 30 m
Weight: 15.0 kg
Weight: 15.0 kg
Underwater operation
Underwater operation

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 7 1103 0010
Energy source Pneumatic
Operating pressure 6 bar
Pumping capacity at a height of 10 m 48.0 m³/h
Max. pumping head 30.0 m
Delivery outlet 50 / 2" mm/inch
Air consumption 2.8 m³/min
Height 445 mm
Length 210 mm
Width 229 mm
Air inlet 3/4" NPT
Air outlet 1" NPT
Noise level LpA 109.0 dB(A)
Weight 15.0 kg
Fields of application / branch Energy and pipeline construction; Plant and mechanical construction; Underwater Work