Two hand operation Drill HFA

Order Number: 2 3053 0010
This two hand operation drill powered by HFA-Emulsion (min. 0,3%) for closed circuit, usable for underground coal mining.
Other tool holders possible on request.
Energy source: HFA emulsion (0,3%)
Energy source: HFA emulsion (0,3%)
Operating pressure: 250 bar
Operating pressure: 250 bar
Tool holder: PN-93/G-57000
Tool holder: PN-93/G-57000
Diretion of rotation: right
Diretion of rotation: right

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 2 3053 0010
ATEX Specification IM2ExhIMbT6
Energy source Hydraulic
Operating pressure 250 bar
Tool holder PN-93/G-57000
Direction of rotation right
Function drilling
Torque 95 Nm
Speed (free) 850 rpm
Volume flow 28 l/min
Hydraulic hose connection STECKO 8/10
Hydraulic medium HFA emulsion (0,3%)
Hydraulic circuit type closed circuit
Oil filtration class level of purity 100 µm
Temperature of oil +5 up to +50 °C
Noise level LpA 85.2 dB(A)
Noise level LWA 96.2 dB(A)
Vibration level (concrete/in lime sandstone) 15.8 (3.4) m/s²
Weight 6.8 kg
Fields of application / branch Mining; Plant and mechanical construction


Order NO. Description
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