Two hand operation Drill

Order Number: 2 3055 0010
This hydraulic two hand operation drill is safely operated with both hands, as well under water.
Energy source: Hydraulic
Energy source: Hydraulic
Operating pressure: 140 bar
Operating pressure: 140 bar
Tool holder: MT3
Tool holder: MT3
Diretion of rotation: right
Diretion of rotation: right
Underwater operation
Underwater operation

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 2 3055 0010
Energy source Hydraulic
Operating pressure 140 bar
Tool holder MT3
Direction of rotation right
Max. drill bit dia. 32.00 mm
Max. drilling depth 12,000.00 mm
Torque 60 Nm
Speed (fre) 280 rpm
Power 1.60 kW
Volume flow 10-45 l/min
Connection M18x1.5 mm
Hydraulic hose connection Flat-Star A250-OM/OF-1/2”BSP
Hydraulic medium Hydraulic oil
Hydraulic circuit type open circuit
Oil filtration class ISO-level of purity 20/18/13
Temperature of oil -34 up to +82 °C
Viscosity of oil >13 centistokes
Noise level LpA 85.2 dB(A)
Noise level LWA 96.2 dB(A)
Vibration level free (in lime sandstone) 15.8 (3.4) m/s²
Weight 8.5 kg
Fields of application / branch Plant and mechanical construction; Underwater Work


Order NO. Description
9 9902 0120 Multi oil for cleaning and protection