Air Mover

Order Number: 8 1644 001C
Due to the venturi principle, these robust stainless steel pneumatic fans are maintenance-free and free of wear and tear. The practical handle ensures mobile work at universal applications.
Earthing required.
Energy source: Pneumatic
Energy source: Pneumatic
Operating pressure: 2-6 bar
Operating pressure: 2-6 bar
Nominal diameter: 219.10 mm
Nominal diameter: 219.10 mm

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 8 1644 001C
ATEX Specification II2GExhIICT6Gb
Energy source Pneumatic
Operating pressure 2-6 bar
Nominal diameter 219.10 mm
Volume flow (unrestricted blowing) at 2 bar 39.3 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted blowing) at 3 bar 51.4 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted blowing) at 4 bar 60.8 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted blowing) at 5 bar 72.0 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted blowing) at 6 bar 83.5 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted sucking) at 2 bar 40.5 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted sucking) at 3 bar 42.4 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted sucking) at 4 bar 54.5 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted sucking) at 5 bar 64.0 m³/min
Volume flow (unrestricted sucking) at 6 bar 75.2 m³/min
Air consumption (at 2-6 bar) 6.4-9.50 m³/min
Length 450.00 mm
Material of housing Stainless steel
Connection G3/4"female
Noise level LpA 116.3 dB(A)
Weight 11.50 kg
Fields of application / branch ATEX-IIC Tools; Energy and pipeline construction; Metal industry and steel construction; Plant and mechanical construction


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