Axial Grinder

Order Number: 1 5080 0050
This powerful hydraulic grinder is ideally suited for hard grinding work and for underwater work.
This type has an collet diameter of 8 mm.
Energy source: Hydraulic
Energy source: Hydraulic
Operating pressure: 90-140 bar
Operating pressure: 90-140 bar
Actuation: Lever valve
Actuation: Lever valve
Tool holder: Collet dia. 8 mm
Tool holder: Collet dia. 8 mm
Underwater operation
Underwater operation

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 1 5080 0050
Energy source Hydraulic
Operating pressure 90-140 bar
Actuation Lever valve
Tool holder Collet dia. 8 mm
Volume flow 10-30 l/min
Power 0.8 kW
Speed (free) 11.500 rpm
Length 274,50 mm
Connection SAE Port No. 8 (3/4x16UNF-2B) mm
Hydraulic hose connection Flat-Star A250-OM/OF-1/2”BSP
Hydraulic medium Hydraulic oil
Hydraulic circuit type open circuit
Oil filtration class ISO-level of purity 20/18/13
Temperature of oil -34 up to +82 °C
Viscosity of oil >13 centistokes
Noise level LpA 90.7 dB(A)
Noise level LWA 101.7 dB(A)
Vibration level <2.5 m/s²
Weight 1.6 kg
Fields of application / branch Metal industry and steel construction; Plant and mechanical construction; Underwater Work


Grinding pins, truncated cones, end mills and other tools are available on request.
ORDER NO. Description Connection
1 5080 9010 Hydraulic hose set with quick coupling 1/2" FF G 1/4"
9 1301 0050 Open-ended spanner SW14 DIN 894 (for changing tools)
More accessories on request.