Band Saw

Order Number: 5 6085 0010
The band saw for underground mining, also prepared for HFA emulsions.
Energy source: Hydraulic/HFA emulsion
Energy source: Hydraulic/HFA emulsion
Operating pressure: 200-300 bar
Operating pressure: 200-300 bar
Cutting capacity: 180 mm x 120 mm (7
Cutting capacity: 180 mm x 120 mm (7"x4")
Underground mining
Underground mining

Technical Data

ORDER NO. 5 6085 0010
ATEX Specification IM2ExhIMbT6
Energy source Hydraulic/HFA emulsion
Operating pressure 200-300 bar
Volume flow 10 l/min
Power 1.8 kW
Free surface speed 60 m/min
Cutting capacity max. dia. 160.00 mm
Cutting capacity max. □ 180x120 (7"x4") mm
Total length 657.00 mm
Height incl. motor 259.00 mm
Width 295.00 mm
Hydraulic hose connection Stecko 10
Hydraulic medium Hydraulic oil/HFA emulsion
Fluid circulation closed circuit
Oil filtration class ISO-level of purity 20/18/13
Temperature of oil -34 up to +82 °C
Viscosity of oil >13 centistokes
Noise level LpA 80.0 dB(A)
Noise level LwA 91.0 dB(A)
Vibration level <2.5 m/s²
Weight 13.8 kg
Fields of application / branch Energy and pipeline construction; Metal industry and steel construction; Mining; Plant and mechanical construction


ORDER NO. Teeth per inch
9 2506 0160 10/14
ORDER NO. Description
9 9902 0120 Multi oil for cleaning and protection

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