Pipe Cutting Machines

Pipe Cutting Machines (hydraulic):

Pipe Cutting Machines (hydraulic):
Our mobile hydraulic pipe cutting machines for cutting and chamfering of pipes made of ductile, concrete, cement, clay, plastic, PE, PVC, plastic foil coated material and non-ferrous metal cut up to 1,600 mm pipe diameter. The module-based pipe cutting machine can be flexibly used always and everywhere because of its handiness and the relatively low weight of the single components. For cutting different pipe diameters, the guide chain is reduced by the chain links, the tensioning chain is fixed at a different position and then tensioned by chain tensioner only. The integrated water connection ensures the supply with cooling agent and the durability of the saw blade. The pipe cutting machines can be used in ATEX zone II.

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ORDER NO. ATEX Specification Power Saw blade max. dia. Gear stages Max. cutting depth Noise level LpA Vibration level Weight
kW mm mm dB(A) m/s┬▓ kg
5 8006 7000 II2GExhIIBT6Gb 2.00 180.00 2 50.00 98.0 <2.5 13.0
5 8016 0050 II2GExhIIBT5Gb 2.30 180.00 1 50.00 98.0 <2.5 14.9