Axial Piston Pumps type SVP series 2 (45 ccm and 74 ccm) and Plastic Dosing Pump type KDP (12 ccm)

The SVP series hydraulic pumps made by SPITZNAS, are axial piston pumps of the swash plate type for open circuit. The main application is in the mobile industry with an operation pressure up to 280 bar. Flow is proportional to speed and displacement, which can be adjusted continuously. Short response time, long lifetime and low noise level are the main characteristics of the axial piston pump. Wide range of applications with use of different control systems.


The KDP series plastic dosing pumps made by SPITZNAS, are axial piston pumps of bent axis type for open circuit and closed circuit. The pumps are used in mixing and dosing devices and the main characteristics are durability and long lifetime. They can be used for epoxy resin, polyurethane, hybrid plastic or polyurea with drop time smaller than 15 seconds (reaction time). For more then 10 years these pumps are used in Opti Mix machines of iMT.