Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating Saws (electric):

We offer our pneumatic reciprocating saws with twist throttle or with lever valve. They are intended for cutting of pipes and profiles with a clamp or for the rectangular cut of pipes with a clamp and a bow guide up to a diameter of 530 mm. With automatic feed clamps the cut is done independently via the feed of a pneumatic cylinder or a gas pressure spring. A magnetic clamp fixes the saw on even and metal surfaces.
Various saw blade types enable the cutting of almost every material, like e. g. plastic, plastic foil coated material, fiberboard plate, asbestos cement, concrete, tiles, aluminium, cast iron, ductile pipes (cement coated iron), cast iron pipes, steel, reinforcing bar, non-ferrous steel, stainless steel and high stress steel.

Please select:
ORDER NO. ATEX Specification Operating voltage Actuation Power Number of strokes (free) Noise level LpA Vibration level Weight
V kW rpm dB(A) m/s² kg
5 1215 0050 230 Button 1.20 60-500 80.0 3.0 7.5
5 1215 0070 110 Button 1.20 60-500 80.0 3.0 7.5